1. Kvinsk Kinsk Coindesk is the leading news site cryptocurrency. The company was founded in 2013 with a number of daily visitors. The site registers more than 10 million users monthly. A link to a digital currency group, an investment group in Blechin. However, DCG. The news platform has an office separate from that of the parent company.
2. CoinPedia Coinpedia Coinpedia, World Wide Web. It is constantly updated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In addition, the site provides information on the cryptocurrency guide begin on crypto trading, investment and exchange platform. This is a list of suspicious ICOs.
3. CoinTelegraphCointelegraph Cointelegraph uses graphic images for all articles. It can be used with words. Market site.
4. Bitcoin.com Bitcoin.com It was updated to get you updated. It identifies the site in terms of the number of visitors. Bitcoin.com also has a bitcoin wallet service, doing bitcoin mining and so on. However, their bias towards the site is probably reflected in their editorial articles.
5. Cryptovest Cryptovest Cryptovest specializes in advertising new projects of ICO and Blockchain. The site displays a list of integrated circuits with countdown. However, this site does not offer any advice on ICOs. The site also has news and reviews on Blockchain developments.
6. CCN CCN This site was established in 2013 as Cryptonews.com but later rebranded to CCN. It is among the oldest blockcin news sites cryptocurrency. CCN gets you more than 12 new site cryptocurrency in terms of traffic volume.
7. Bitconist Bitcoinist This site has a news section and history for bitcoin only. Moreover, all the coins were broadcast in their segment. The site also has a separate section for ICOs for investors to pass through. Their news aggregates short articles of about 300 words. It's a bit bitcoin mining.
8. In autonomy In Lokonomia In addition, blockonomi also offers a world of cryptocurrency. The site publishes guides and guides on various subjects. Their articles focus primarily on the ICOs that provide details of the projects. The site is tuned to be on blockchain and cryptocurrency and not reporting on news and events.
9. Cryptoslate Cryptoslate Cryptoslate is reflected in 2017. The site offers news, market charts and information on blockchain. It has Google-like search functionality in which users can search for different information. The site also maintains an updated database o ICOs.
10. NewsBTC BTC News NewsBTC provides news, market analysis, charts, educational resources and more. Android smartphone available through the Google Play app store. Watch Mobile. Follow us on Twitter Social Media, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. Image credit atbcoin, steemitimages, bitcoincom, coinnewress, to date.