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Happy Cryptmas!

All I want for Cryptmas is … BCH
Don’t know what to get for your loved ones this year? Be bold, and surprise your friends and family with an immutable, decentralized, and censorship gift. You guessed it? Yes, a little crypto is all they want of you for Christmas (and some freshly backed cookies). Plus, sitting next to the chimney, taking the time to teach them about crypto wallets and private key management, will thank you in the long run.
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How to Buy BTC or BCH in BTC.com Wallet
Since crypto never sleeps, why should we?
When you take crypto we tend to have a common bad habit, we stay connected, all the time.
You wake up, check the market, refresh your Twitter feed, like, read the latest crypto news, tweet, watch Ivan in the latest episode of Tech, read the top r / btc posts, raise bids, listen to the Humans of Bitcoin podcast, Retweeted and retweeted.
You’re addicted.
So maybe, as a NYE decision, you can try to reduce screen time and try to mute some of those telegram channels?

Relax and check out the Humans of Bitcoin podcast
Crypto Charity
Trust in traditional charities is diminishing. Right now, you have heard too many stories about improperly managed funds, and you do not trust these factors to spend your money effectively.
With an immutable public blockchain and instant payments, BCH is a wonderful way for international charities to make donations. They can track their donations and you can check when and how your donations are spent.

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