Can Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Power Payments in a Japanese Bar?

Bar Japan is teaming up with a local start-up based shine to allow customers to pay for sparkling wine and soft drinks through the experimental payment network.

For June, the Japan-based start-up Nayuta will partner with Awabar Fukouka to prosecute the payment system in what they call a “field test”.

The Barak network is perceived by its supporters as the best way to increase bitcoin, so that more people can use the payment system at once, but the technology is still quite experimental and even dangerous to use. To this end, Nayuta sees this project as another way to analyze how technology works in the real world to find out what still needs to be done to make it easier to use.

Although Aubar said that their role is “small”, since the bar did not design the technology, they are “happy” to participate in it, and offer a place for testing experimental technology in the context of brick and mortar.

The company said in a statement:

“We hope it helps to familiarize the community with the lightning network payment system.”

The following video shows how the app’s point of sale (created by Nayuta and running the open source processor BTCPay) will look for customers who buy their drinks:

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