Bloq Labs’ Titan Aims to Simplify Crypto Farming

Titan, a new product from Block Laboratories, is designed to facilitate the construction and operation of new reactors at Belchien on the global farm.

The software is actually a web-based mining manager and owner of large setups. You install it on your machines and then run a server that will gather and analyze all network miners. Once it has everything sorted, it will display their output, allow you to manage security and uptime, and generally makes it easy to see your network at a glance. It also manages overclocking and shows you, at a glance, how hot each machine works.

The web-based tool is found in public beta in

“We’re building an automation layer for farm management,” said founder and founder Ryan Kondron. “Every installation actively monitors your network on boarding devices, loses the devices, streamlines the devices, and then routes the hash power to the most popular point at any time.”

“We get nuclear control over every device so we can really try to overclock based on chip temperatures, we share the criticism so that every share that is rolled up in Titan software can see what was received in the pool,” he said. “Rejecting one of the biggest issues now with mining farms that use the public pool – they should rely on the dash of the pool for the statistics.”

Titan observes the work done by each miner, confirming that each machine gets credit for its work.

The team did install a one-click Titan process. Once the miners are connected to the network you can watch them and even change the root passwords as needed. Kondron said the solution even works globally, allowing you to connect the miners remotely. The product works with several mining pads including AntMiner S9 and S11.

“The idea of ​​this was to make mining as easy and stable as possible,” he said. “Our long term vision is called Titan Market, where you can take part in your hash power and if you want, you can put on the market for others to use.”

The tool will launch this summer and the market will open in the fall, said Mr. Kondron. They announced the availability of the product in the Consensus 2019.

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