To use Consumer Data in the Nestle, Carriore Team IMM Blockchain

Swiss food giant Nelsky and French retail company CarripF now allow product data to access customers through the IBM Food Trust platform.

The two companies jointly announced that users can track the maseline potato maseline line directly into the customer’s stores by scanning a QR code in a packaging with a smartphone.

This service provides productivity product quality, quality control, storage time and warehouses. Customers can also find information on how to produce potatoes for products and how to make pulses.

In the newsletter it is clear that the NSKL Blackline platform was used to share data to users.

Vineet Khanna, the global distribution network of NSLV, said:

“Prevent the use of technology to provide more transparency on our products by providing accurate, reliable and non-partisan information, which will also benefit the entire value chain, including retail traders and customers.”

The new service will be tested in the next few months. Nestel and Carrefour said that they are trying to understand the impacts and technologies of technology and to help them make better decisions.

Since 2017, Nestle has been using the use of blockshine technology. IBM Food Trust became a founding member. Carrfour joined in October last year.

Prior to moving to IBM’s platform, the company had been working on its own block for over a year by using internal engineers, and Cormard’s blocking program programming director Immanuel Derm Coindez told him.

Last week he became the world’s second largest supermarket company, Albert Benton Food Trust Trust. It is the pilot tracking supplier of Royain Ellis who is connected to the e-coli expansion.

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