Lightning App for Sending Bitcoin Tips on Twitter Is Now Easier to Use

The Twitter application for tipping through Bitcoin’s experimental lightning grid is now easier to use thanks to a new update.

Launched earlier this year, has taken the cryptography community of Twitter by storm so that it can tilt Twitter users with an experimental background micropayment layer. The emerging network is still being built by a series of start-ups and developers to create a new level of network scale.

On Thursday evening, the Chrome app version of Add-on 1.0 was released with features designed to make new app users much easier. These include a more built-in wallet and a better messaging system.

The lightning grid is still quite experimental, and even dangerous to use. At the time of release, drew support that the application is quite easy to configure and use as long as the user has a Twitter account.

But even if it is easier than many other lightning applications, it still left something to be desired, prompting the developer of the application, Sergio Avril, to work on a series of new updates that were bundled to version 1.0.

Notably, users no longer need to set up a third party lightning wallet application to send tips. Perhaps one of the most confusing parts of the application in the previous version was, if you had not already had a lightning wallet, you should create one to send a tip. But now, it is not necessary as long as you have a balance on

The statement here is that is a custodial application, meaning that the app itself has control over the funds sitting on the site, rather than the user themselves. is even giving some bitcoin to people to join – enough that they can send some tips, ie.

In addition, users can now use the “on chain” bitcoin instead of just “off-chain” lightning funds to fill their tipping jar, and can send messages along with their tips.

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