GoTenna Partners With Blockstream Satellite to Make Using Bitcoin Without an Internet Connection Simpler

Sending bitcoin deals without a simple internet connection has a little easier.

Announced at the Crypto Magic Conference on Saturday in New York, BlockStream Satellite and goTenna combine their technologies to facilitate sending bitcoin deals with technology used for the population without direct Internet connections.

Blockstream Satellite is a network of satellites deployed so that people across most of the planet can download full bitcoin node, the most secure Bitcoin network gateway, even without an Internet connection. That is, as long as they have satellite receiver with specific software of satellite blocksters installed.

goTenna is a startup technology that allows users to connect with others without the Internet – to send text messages to others, for example. Instead, they created their own “network network” for sending messages. The limit is that the user needs to connect to someone close, within a mile, to send a deal.

From late last year, the goTenna device also connects their bitcoin wallet to an Android phone that users can put bitcoin on and then use to send bitcoin deals without an internet connection – as long as they can connect to another goTenna user that has an internet connection.

goTenna explained in a statement:

“What this means for users is that they will be able to get blockchain data via satellite and send signed bitcoin transactions out through the GoTenna Mesh network without a direct Internet connection.”

“If you are a local provider censored on you or your connection is down for some reason, perhaps because of a natural disaster, you can still get it to the Internet,” said goTenna Distributed Applications Richard Richardson, Red Myers in an interview with CoinDesk, adding that it also provides a more private way of sending bitcoin deals.

This combination is part of a larger effort to make it easier for people to send offline transactions if they need to. It also makes satellite blocksters, which may sound more like a science fiction project than anything that will actually help people, a bit more useful.

“The need for this technology can not be in New York, but in other parts of the world.This can be useful there instead of major Internet providers,” said Myers, adding that now, users can send deals with satellite blocksters using other technologies such as high frequency radio, But these technologies usually require “more specialized knowledge”.

This technology gives users one more option that Myers loads easier. “It lowers the bar for those who can make that kind of witches,” he said.

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