Blockstream Launched Security Token Platform on Bitcoin Sidechain

BitStore operating BlockStream launches a platform that allows users to launch their own chips by utilizing its bitcoin, liquid bitecin.

Launched at the 2019 ConferenceDesk conference, Fluid Securities Platform is the first product that BlockStream has launched onto its liquid network sidechain, a network associated with bitcoin blockchain with faster and more structured currency transfers in privacy.

The app will allow users to publish and manage security tokens over the network.

“Businesses around the world are racing to capitalize on the tokenization of securities,” said CSO Blocksters Samson Mow in a statement, adding:

“Now, with the launch of Liquid Securities, businesses can quickly issue liquid-based security chips at the click of a button, and create sophisticated rules to Adjust their regulatory requirements without the required engineering experience.

Some partners are lining up to launch coins on the platform already, including BnkToTheFuture, TokenSoft, Zenus Bank and Pixelmatic.

You might think you should be gloomy to launch a token. But liquid securities platform will provide a web interface, like the one you are currently in, on which businesses can issue and monitor tokens. To create such an account, instead of coding the rules, the app will include options for setting rules, such as regional restrictions and “investor qualification.”

Under the hood, they will be enforced by Bitcoin’s multi-signature smart contracts.

And to tackle the regulatory question, especially when regulators begin cracking on space tokens under securities regulations, BlockStores will also offer liquid API securities for “additional compliance and legal services.”

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