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Bitcoin 2019 Year Review

After the BCH hard fork in August 2018 some users got confused and sent BCH to the BTC address and vice versa. To solve this problem, the industry has developed a new standard to help users easily differentiate between BCH and BTC addresses. We quickly adopted the new standard and as of January, all BCH addresses created by Wallet used the CashAddr format: bitcoincash: pqkh9ahfj069qv8l6eysyufazpe4fdjq3u4hna323j versus legacy address type: 35qL43qYwvdff Read more about it on the blog.
More control for wallet users
Because of the increase in BTC transaction fees, many users have asked for more control over their fees. As such, Wallet has increased the fee options to allow users to choose the most appropriate fee for their purposes. Read more about it on the blog.
Buy BTC or BCH: A simple combination
In January, we were delighted to hear about our new partnership with Simplex to allow all wallet users to buy BTC or BCH directly in their wallet. After filling in the billing information, payment details and KYC, users are free to purchase BTC or BCH directly through Simplex. Read more about it on the blog.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Cash Bitcoin (BCH) in Wallet
Root Mining (RSK) merger in pool Pool Reactors Can Now Merge My RootStock (RSK)
In July, the pool began to merge my RootStock (RSK). Merged mining allows for different crypto currencies to be mined together with the same algorithm, such as SHA 256. This allows crypto currencies with a lower hash rate to gain additional hash power by operating on a crypto currency with a higher hash rate. For cryptocur currencies with a proof of work (POW) consensus algorithm, it is very important to have significant hashing power to secure the network from attacks., the world’s largest mining pool in Bitcoin mining, is pleased to offer its miners better profitability while offering massive hashing power for truth and securing RSK side deals.

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