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Bitcoin Is Not My Safeword: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is mentioned in the context of cryptocurrency mainly when scammers go down to work and use his name or suggestion to give their victims Tesla.

At some point in August 2018, Musk stated he was interested in Ethereum (ETH) even if others said it was a scam.

In the latest tweet, Musk states that Bitcoin is not his defensive thing. The community has taken that Tesla CEO does not believe in Bitcoin as much as the property.

Aware of its importance to the crypto industry and the price of the Bitcoin if Alon Musk becomes ‘convertible’, some of his followers have tried to convince Musk that BTC is worth his attention and support.

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Speaking of Musk and Bitcoin, on Thursday, U.Today reported that a prominent Stanfiel Capital investor, Mark B Spiegel, compared Tesla and BTC negatively, saying that if BTC could act as criminals then the same delinquents could actually drive Tesla.

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