Now you can buy a complete iCo project for $ 60,000 … .ON EBAY

Timing, they say, is everything. Of course if you want to take an investment bubble. Once bubble barracks? You are already late. So you tried to sell that IOO project, which you hope to achieve, in eBay … $ 60,000.

As in entering the party, the MPT-hand
At the ICO Boom in 2017, if you have launched without a product, it does not matter. Or at least, it does not matter for the money you can raise. But the decentralized “sponsorship platform” platform, Sponsi, has appointed a lawyer advocated by anyone else. Sponge, the issue of founder Ivan Komer, was created when they created a product.

Now Comer, Sponsi project is offered for sale on eBay, priced at $ 60,000. Or you can make it a great offer, just like in 3 days, no bids.

He said that everyone is wrong. That is, he must have spent a lot of time before worrying about a product. He admitted that the advice of the lawyer from the perspective of the ICO investors was possible.

Returning square, but everywhere left
So now Sponsy has a product (allegation), but nobody wants to buy it. What’s the better option than the entire project on eBay?

The listing includes “contents of the contacts”, including full legal documents, social presence, and beautifully designed website and branding.

The product will actually do so without being mentioned in the listing. Such a blocking design must be irrelevant for this code and designer.

The blockade was not forced into the crowds. He told the FT:

The Cornell Business Model works in any centralized world, without any token, cryptoscope or black chain … It’s easy to avoid crypto functionality. The core component is a platform – it does not require any kind of crypto or blockshine module to work on. A regular, centralized server.

Why is this a-hole invited?
You had some kind of sympathy. Above all he first tried to do the right thing (in the advice of his lawyer). But when talking to the FT, his voice is a bit of a forgery, not making money when he is able to do it. He admitted that the project would be decentralized. Because … ICO, investors seem to have lost a bullet.

The trend in ICO funding is declining, and projects such as this continue to remain. Investors are very healthy after cleansing any form that the ICO market (if it exists) is completed.

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