Louis Wuenton and Door Slip in the block van in the new Microsoft Platform

Lewis Winton and Dear companies, including luxury brands that block the blockquake with the partnership of Microsoft and Blockchronic Startup Consents.

LVM House, owner of several high end fashion names on May 16 decided to rethink the business using a business broadcaster.

Includes a new platform called AURA, also built in Ethereum Blockchain affects the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

Microsoft Consensys

“All users can produce product history and authenticity of luxury goods – from raw materials to market sales, all the ways in the second market market,” the press release summed up.

The target is a new branch of the luxury market, with the participation of blocking block in this is a very limited form. As Bitcoinist reports, projects like art programs and e-commerce are included.

For example, in Vrushton 2016, transparency in the distribution network has begun to increase, and in the last phase of its capital program, Aura will be used.

“During production, every product is untargeted, informative, and contains information that is shared on the laptop,” the release continues to show how the platform works.

During the purchase, a customer can use the brand application to get the AURA certificate containing all product information.

Aura is ‘very critical’
Distributed chains of goods in other industries are used by the blockshine.

From metal to coffee, all the things still vary.

While some implementations have relatively new criticism, Consensus, the benefits of presenting decentralized architecture, qualifies as a luxury fashion project.

“Ohra” is a modern discovery for the luxury luxury industry. Ken Timzite, Managing Director of Enterprise Blockshow Conscience Solutions, said.

Conceans’ contribution, working through all the LVH’s precautions, protects interests, integrity and privacy of each brand, and also promotes black marketing technology in a truly decentralized way.

Only so far Diane and Louis Witton attended the program. Others made debates for signing up without specific brand names.

Earlier this year, some Welfare Consulate issued staff office offices demanding over $ 200 million.

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