IRAN UNVEILS A CRYPTO-Mining, Water-Sliding, Sink-Busting Skyscraper

We all were there. You’ve got a great cryptocurrency mining operation, hiding from a powerful foreign invasion. what do you do? If you are Iran, it can certainly not be built for a water park with a skyscrapers size.

At least, the challenge of skyscrapers by a group of Iranian architects was the competition of skyscrapers this year.

It does not seem right
Well, that’s probably … But, a large spring cryptocortentrian mining requires three things: a lot of power, some cooling (if in Iran) a cover story.

Therefore, your generators can be pumped to pump. You’re a water park, no doubt about strengthening a water pump. As water flows through slides and flowers, this can lead to cooling of mineral nutrients. The pit below the slides is coating.

In doing so, electricity generates electricity for electricity utilities to allow off-grid in the mining industry of the industry.

No one doubted without doubt.

And yes, you have to make good calls
Look at it. It is 560 meters tall water park. Can you imagine the interesting look that you might have? Glass views provide unique perspective platforms from a highland landmark and multi-level public areas.

Yes, I am announcing all day long to my engaging countries.

The tower is aimed at defense against international politics, which imposes sanctions and empires in the country. The goal is to address the problems of the country’s economy by taking a more radical approach, not only to focus on the present social climate, but also to explore new solutions and topics that are designed by architecture.

For Iran, it’s just a pipe drum
Yes, it was very rough.

Unfortunately, this idea is never going to be a reality. Tehran now has two water parks. Also, the ‘Auolo’ skyscraper competition is quite the point. Even this entry is not even a decent comment.

In addition, it is not good to announce your Creato or the objectives of recognizing the Global Architecture Contest by US-based magazine.

However, it is good to think of people ‘outside of the box’ because the Iranian sanctions are re-familiarized with severe economic climate.

People already in Iraq come to the botroy. Is it possible for the savior of the economy?

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