Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Mines, 51% Attack Smack

Coinbase researchers recently released Bitcoin Cash 51% offensive controversy and released their own investigative findings and their assumptions are disappointing many bitcoin maximalists.

In mid-May, Bitcoin Cash was attacked to block a blotted blocks and to pay off a so-called funds to their rightful owners.

Btc This move by supporters was burning at Bitcoin Cash Camp. But Coinbase’s Friday blog post The Global CryptoCorporation Platform was ultimately a good idea in the decision.

Bitcoin Money At 51% Atat: Why It Is
Bitcoin Cash upgrade was temporarily suspended by May 8. There is a break in the block of a block called a refresh. For a time, this attack lasted after most BCH miners decided to fish.
Bitcoin Cash Vigilant ‘Liquidates’ Upgraded Blockchain Attack Funds …

5:41 PM – May 17, 2019
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Bitcoin Cash Vigilante ‘Liquidates’ Upgraded Blockchain Attacker Funds
BCN: Bitcoin Cash Block blocked an attempt at block chain and became a negative result of the attacker. A BCH tinkerer Reddit username NilacTheGrim was proud of today “fluid …
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This is where the controversy has arisen. An attacker refuses to distinguish between the reductions in blockage and the miners.

In the background, when the binice was hacked in May, the ‘Rolling Picture’ of the blockchain suggested to recover the lost funds.

At that time, the withdrawal from Bitcoin mines indicated a bad idea.
Mr. Benson decides that Bitcoin block is naked.

8:51 PM – May 8, 2019
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Binos decides to look at Bitcoin blocks
Through CCN: Bignons CEO Chengenshaw Shao discussed the idea of ​​restructuring the block chain in Bitcoin. In this vision, more than 7,000 BTC Google has been stolen from the Crocotourve Exchange.
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Here is the city of Crabo, Rubber Road. Blockchains are unchanged, but if the mines agree to make a change, it will happen. In this example, the ‘code is law’ changes from the complexity. More than that, blockchains are built to gather up its users.

Others have made similar moves in the past – because of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) due to the DAO attack, it has split the society twice.

Coinbase: BCH MINERS did the right thing
Coinbase wanted to find out what happened during the Hanfark / attack because BHH was the property of their platform. From the blog:

“Coinbase has been found to resume a death-shift chain in Bitcoin cash blocking on May 15th, BTC sent segment addresses incorrectly using BTC fund.

Those funds totaled 3,655 bcc – $ 1.4 million at that time. Most of these coins were securely recovered and BCH mines sent to their precise addresses. This was greatly respected in Coinbase. From the blog:

“The technical solution of BTT funds is the technical solution to the mismanagement of BTC funds, and they decided to send coins to the recipients who have received their intention instead of receiving their money.”

BTC Toupe is one of the biggest Bitcoin Cash Mining Pools in BTT. About 10% representatives of batch hashtts.

Some still retreat to block the blocking of the BCH mine stolen funds. This intensive red thread gives a taste of opposing views represented by two camps.

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