Australian Bank does not understand the ANZ blakinen technology

Australia also threw away a particular shade of ladder technology distributed by the New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANS). Usually this is called ‘Blockchain’.

According to the third largest bank of the market capitalization in Australia, Bitcoin (BTC) and Satoshi Nakatoo do not face immediate threat from legal transactions from BDB transactions.

Maria Belmas, Director of the Trade and Supply Supply Supply Facility,

In the context of Bitcoin collapse, the blocsysin took some time for some justification for their disobedience, and considered the world of technology for some time. The Block Challenge, which sells as a solution to all problems in life, offers a tonic solution for business owners, but raises many questions.

Belmus believes that one of those questions is why blockbin technology needs to improve its promises by traditional financial institutions. She believes that traditional banks “as well as the ones needed are not improved with the existing good old database and technology solutions.”

anz Foreign exchange

Belmus’s statements came after JPMorgan Chase announced his own in-house cryptocartens and JPM coin. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has launched a recently launched Black Shine Power Service. This aims through new financial means.

Yes, yes … maybe those good old databases and technical solutions are not very good. However, the news reached Belmassus and he continues:

The reality is that there are many problems with which to solve the blockshin projects, the existing technologies have already been solved. In many cases, in a typical database, the problem can be solved by more reliability and less cost than block-type.

If a third party needs to be valued and transmitted across a non-existent and unlimited amount of non-existent fees, Belmamas failed to keep the existing technologies into special attention.

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