The Firefox browser adds an option to prevent Crypto mining scripts as an automatic

Mozilla has released an update for Firefox browser, which includes the option to block Google Croccierator mining scripts.

The “Privacy and Security” tab of the browser offers an option to manage cookies and trackers, so users can select a box to block a “cryptominers”, Mozilla announced on Tuesday.

Crypto-mining scripts operated by the browser are typically used by the computer processor to help Google get personalized hackers for personal gain without user knowledge or consent.

“These scripts make your computer slow, clean your battery, charge your electric bill,” Mozilla said.

After the initial launch of the features in April, the option to prevent mining scripts is available in beta, and the mosailla works by disconnecting the company with the physical source.

Mozilla introduced his plan last August. Third-class scripts are aimed at disrupting user experience. The web browser also offers miner protection in the smartphone version, while Google’s Chrome prohibits mines from its extension.

Crypton mining, sometimes called crypto jackening, is especially popular with criminals (has more fair uses). Directly handling mining activities can be installed directly on computer systems, or by using hashers on machines using browsers, through browsers.

According to a report released last year by SkyBOX Security, 32 percent of cyber-fighters are now motor cycles.

In 2017, the skibox found that this condition was almost exactly returned. Unlocked ransomware attacks when encrypted and paid by data malware on a person’s computer – 32 percent of all attacks increased, while Cryptogicacking represented a total of 7 percent.

Mozilla Firefox Image via Shutterstock; Browser configuration image via Mozilla

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