The entire currency of a wholesale discount is an ‘optional option’

A European Central Bank (ECB) official is in favor of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDs).

Vittaz Vasilyuskas, Member of the Governing Council of the European Union Governing Council and chairman of the Board of Lithuania’s Board of Directors published a lecture on a recent conference in the United States, published by the International Settlements of the Bank. Monday.

The CBDCs must be retail, wholesale or both, says the Valsiascus. A retail CBDC will be made available to the public and will limit the limited edition of a limited circle and most financial institutions. There are “multiple theoretical sub models in between these two types,” said the official.

The CBDC’s overall CBD can also be used to improve payment and securities settlement efficiency, as well as counterparty credit and liquidity risk. Valsiascascus said:

“The CBDT] based on the Central Bank’s reserves, or paripurakamakkum [values ​​with a restricted-access digital token. A token is the property of a bear, and that means that the value of the Dealer itanilakkareannumillate transfers, to the recipient. The basic difference from the current system, it is real and due to the S central bank credit, debit and kaimakkate and accounts. “

A retail CBD may be a value based or account based. Central banks assure that the digital form can make money in advance. Meanwhile, central banks are available to all members of the community.

However, Vallilyiaskas said that instead of the problem relating to the retail CBDs, there is no profit if not considerable expenditure analysis.

For example, “Bank of Lithuania” provides the Centroilink Payment Infrastructure, which already supports “24/7 instant payments” and is available to all payment service operators. “Such developments limit the integrity of retail CBDC.”

“As usual, when considering the balance between risk and benefits from the perspective of conservative central banks, overall CBTC seems to be more likely to go forward,” Vasiliauskas added.

When the Bank of Lithuania was found to be in the CBD, it is now ‘kept’, the official said. Now this sounds like a remote possibility.

Also, Vasiliauskas says any type of CBT should work and learn from practical pilot experiments and have a better theoretical knowledge.

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