Secate genetic data on a blockchain securely and share safely with Giant Plans

A trader based on South Korea halts the privacy of hi-tech giants with the possibility of hacking or sharing genetic data without the possibility of infringement.

DNA with headquarters of Solis Sequencing Service Provider McConnan is working Monday with Big Data. It will be completed by June 2019.

In the field of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry uses the genetic information to diagnose and treat the custom pathogenic disease, and to develop new drugs and therapeutic agents.

However, DNA in the health field This is not widely shared due to the sensitive nature of the information and the possibility of privacy disruption for patients without taking into account the high usage values ​​of the information.

MacGregor CEO Yang Cap Saoque states:

“Although genetemic data is widely used, it’s not easy to share because of the personal information security issue we are trying to build at this time on the Blockshine platform and we hope to create a biological system where genetically-generated data can be freely distributed.”

For this purpose, the Consortium plans a system based on the blocking model. Startups data like drugs, research institutes, hospitals, and genetic analysis, which limit the supply of drugs that operate as nodules on a decentralized network.

The only technology magician to use the blockchann technology for the genetics industry.

Also in 2014, DNA Announced plans to collect genetic and medical record data using a Israeli Startup Block Shock Technology.

As previously reported by Koindesk, a patent application submitted by Intel is examining the ways for the use of a hardware company to generate energy generated from DNA in crustornoning mining.

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