Google searches ‘Bitcoin’ in the most searched sequence in November

The largest conspiracy in the world, more than 19,000 weeks in bitcoins. Bitcoin Google’s search in the world has not been seen since November 20.

The Google Trends data was released on April 2. The Google crop capacitor price rose to $ 4,961 per hour. This is the highest since November. Based on CoinDesk’s price information.

Although Google has not provided the exact number of searches, the number of “Bitcoins” searches worldwide has reached 20 per cent of the number 20 on November 20.

Why Bitcoin’s searches rise, “Bitcoin” searches like investors, merchants and media.

Interestingly, most searches came from these countries.

Google said the search was the most searched on September 10 in St. Helen, Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria and Austria. The US, Canada and the UK have never had the most “bitcoin” searches in rankings 11, 12 and 17 respectively.

The importance of a spike on Bitcoin searches may seem irrelevant, but studies have shown that there is a link between the study plot and its search interest. The popularity of the Bitcoon or perhaps the most prevalent trends in the market value of the wildmarket wheel indicate the periods of low search volume.

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