Follow the Leader: Analyze the cost estimation of Christophers

Is there a connection between the price movements of the bitcoins, the other cryptocars and the crypto assets?

According to a new CoinDesk analysis of CryptoCompare data by February 2017, the answer to this question will vary depending on the types of assets you have.

In some cases, the answer is very simple. Christopher’s has often come many times.

For example, the alternative protocol assets were lost a month ago by a month after the SEC rejected a Bitcoin ETF in the 10th of March.

However, in other cases the loss of Bitcoins has become a key alternative to alternative cryptographic assets.

An important factor in analyzing this trajectory, as the SEO analyst, Or major events in the CryptoCordartan area, such as the rise and down of SEP refusal ETF.

According to the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), Bitcoin costs over $ 1300. Bitcoin declined by 30%. The rally was faced with other digital currencies.

For example, according to the CoinMarketCap, the SEC has gone up by more than 200 per cent a week after the specified fund has been shot. Similarly, the Monroe price rose from 100 to 100%, making impressive profits in ether classics.

But how does they compare for a long period of time? Reviews can be reviewed from our data:

BTC, LC: A Feathery Bird
The most important way to analyze the validity between Bitcoin and other digital currencies is to check the available data. If you use this information, market observers can understand exactly how these relationships are.

Some currency pairs need to look at quarterly data because a strong sense of the connection between the two digital assets in the question informs.

The BTCC / LTC (LightCoy) has six quarters of returning the last quarter of 2013. The pair’s correlation is more than 0.7. That’s three times higher.

Littoine is a ‘spin-off’ bitcoin in Bitcoin with similar technologies and designs.

It is important to remember that Bitcoin and LightCo have never had a strong relationship, since their relationship is often broken. Chris Barnesky of ARK Invests points out that the specific Winklevos ETF has been banned by the SEC for cutting two digital currencies in different ways.

Bitcoin and XRP: Total opponents
Another example of a currency pair is a relatively simple relationship. / Is the XRP. Their relationship is less than 0.2%.

When calculating the average value of all available prices, the interconnection of the currency pair decreases to 0.02.

The two currencies are quite different. This condition is a state where Google deals with the Elitez (cryptocurrency) funds. Bitcoin, Lyccoen and Express are targeted to a different audience.

Miguel Vials, the head of XPP Exchange, adopted a different offer on BTC and XRP price.

“I think the XEC is seen as a very consistent digital asset, so when it comes out of other assets they seem to be safe parking funds in XRP If someone wants to get out of the BTC, it’s not right, it’s worth the value to XRP,” he said.

Bitcoin and A: It is a changing story
For other digital currencies, the situation has to grow more deeply to understand the situation.

Quarter-primary data of BTCC / Ethan (), relatively smaller compared to 0.57, shows comparatively smaller comparisons. The seven-day ratio is more evident.

When looking through these more short term lenses, correlations have reached up to 0.98. Within seven days, August 1 to 7, the BTCC / A-level relationship is above 0.90.

However, the relations between these digital currencies have declined over time, and 0.04 in seven days at the interval between August and October 2015.

ETC, XMR: Common Cases
This is a classic crycto comparte with a bit of contradiction with Bitcoin. According to Creditcompare data until July 2016, the relationship between the two groups reduced to 0.004. Rose to 0.96.

In January, BTCC / ATC pair were strongly connected to the first of seven days in the interval. However, their relationship has been repeatedly reduced and reduced to 0.1 in many cases, and in January 2017 it was reduced to 0.004.

The BTC / XMR pair has a similar story for BTC / ETH and BTC / ETC, repeating a seven-day price of zero 0.9.

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