Crypto payments are removed for Amazon-owned Twitch subscriptions

Amazon’s live streaming Video Platform subscription to the CryptoCountain payment option has been removed.

The Reddit user reported on Saturday that “this option has been removed in the last few weeks” when Twitter allows black users to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), through Blackchief Payment Processor BitPay. Countries. “

The tweets from Twitter last January indicate that among other options, including Amazon Pay and Apple Payment, Bitcoin was one of the payment options.

Our terms and conditions are currently on our site, we will periodically provide you with our main credit cards, some debit cards, PayPal, PayPal, Xsolla, or / or other payment methods.

Another Redder indicated that BHH is sometimes used for subscriptions. But after the twin option was removed, they canceled all the subscriptions and told the company.

Google credits have been enhanced because of the potential potential of online payments. Issues like increase in price are often disappointing the interests of revolutionary market makers.

For example, Microsoft has suspended store bitcoin payments in January, “inconsistency.” They later restored.

The online gaming platform has been abandoned in late 2017 by the Bitcoin payment feature. A bitcoin transaction fee has been significantly reduced since the best date of 2017-2018 between the issues of Google CrocchCoron’s higher transactions and unstable prices.

This article will update according to CoinDesk Twitch.

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