AT & T launches Blocking Solutions Targeting Supply Chain Healthcare

The world’s largest telecom company, AT & Anti is the largest corporation to set up a set of block-chain services aimed at various industries.

The AT & T newsletter said that the solution to focus on distribution networks would be solved. Industry can also digitally digitize and use block tail technologies.

Managing, retail, health care and other industries, “the company said in a statement. “Tracking and managing information on multiple parties using” Black-Kine Platform “very secure permission.

Blackjoin-At is a design platform designed in other blockshine platforms, including IBM Blockchronic and Microsoft Azure. Automatic and surveillance capabilities are connected to AT & T’s internet devices’ devices.

In addition to helping to maintain products, manage the stock and control the track delivers, allow health care providers to share the patient data, products of the new platform,

Andy Dowdelin, Vice President of Audi & T Business, said: “Many companies are changing the way business changes.

“Improves Block Security, enables better management of transactions through complex processes Our global network uses the IOT capabilities to develop the Blochen by giving Ed and Two-End Solutions to automate AT & T tracking and can monitor the situation timing conditions.”

The AT & T launch of the blockchain platform is amazing. In June 2017, patents are provided by home subscription servers supported by blockchain technology.

According to the data released by the company last year, the telco was inspected by BlackBooks in the cryptocorture payments card.

In addition, many big corporations are expected to start their own block-and-service platforms in the past years. As a big business, they are still in their place.

Software GSAP SAP launched the platform earlier this year as Oracle, JD.COM and Huawei. IBM launched BlackBerry platform in 2017. Microsoft was with me. In 2015, the models will be added to the general public by 2016

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