Adds privacy features to JPMorgan Everywhere-based Quorum Blockchain

JPMorgan Chase Blockchain team has developed a privacy feature for Ether-based block chain, concealing how much money it sends, not sending it.

An extension for JP Morgan, Sethar Protocol, and Confidential Credit Protocol, which only revealed to CoinDesk, has been designed for ethereum, other smart contract platforms and designed to name more people for transactions. The New York-based financial institution will open on Tuesday. It will be used by the bank’s home loan company Quoram.

Suther has built zero knowledge sources (ZKPs) using a branch of mathematics, built by a team of academics and economists, including Don Bonham from Stanford University. This allows you to learn about any confidential information or information without disclosing information. In detail about that secret.

Explaining what the new extension is, Oli Harris, JPM chief Kvomor and Crypto Azatism Strategy, told Koindex,

“In the basic stream, account balance and transfer accounts are hidden, but not the participants’ identification, so we have solved it.” In our execution, he gives the protocol to an unknown extensions, and the sender will escape from any other client and other clients. “

JP Morgan is busy in the block-hit JP Morgan. Inkort, also known as JPM Coin, is not just a Headline-Growing Plan for Stable Crypto-Cartier.

More than 220 banks were attracted to the Quomori-based Interbank Information Network. Once the Microsoft Azure joint joint venture was completed, M continued. Protocol.

Harris pointed out that Seither’s Secret Payment Architecture includes an account based approach used in ethereum, rather than opposing the UTXO based approach used by the Barcone client. UTXO is a feature of privacy-based cryptocarvon zcash based on Chromot’s original ZKP module.

In this way, it is also worth noting that not only for consumers, but also for other venture variants, or by making a turnover of business ventures in general.

The consortium is confidential
Let’s retain all the facets of transactions between banks and other secrets, for example, to trade on energy projects for ethereum based Komgo projects.

“I think the community is at the top of the building bye,” If Harris said, “Whoever finds Untrustworthy and efficient mechanism kansearttiyattil visvasayeagyamallattatum ajnatavumaya panamealukunnatinulla prasaktamanallea it. That’s why we wanted to be back to the community, so that it is not planning on it, Rd’dhippikkanum be able to use it in case of need. “

“If we look at our own JPMorgan apps [Zether’s wider version] will be a selection of many of the people we’re looking for,” Harris said.

The transaction for dealings with clients is also used to generate more profit for customers to use the term crack. After a long consultation, this long-planned idea is taken to make the Protocol protocol stronger.

A faulty complex of zero-sized schematic proofs is the prevention of blocking of calculation of food, blocked blocks.

Harris said that it does not appear to be effective in disrupting the credentials of the cryptography.

“Performance is very good, we have done multiple activities to improve, we check for sure on smart contracting.” We will have performance measurements in our report to prove and test. “

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